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Category : forums
Version : 2.1.9
Views : 166517 Views
Ratings : 5.000 out of 5
Votes : 2 Votes
Reviews : 3 Reviews
Space Required : 14.41 MB

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Overview jforum is a powerful and robust discussion board system implemented in Java. It provides an attractive interface, an efficient forum engine, an easy to use administrative panel, an advanced permission control system and much more.


  • Unlimited forums, categories, and topics
  • Support for several popular databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and HSQLDB
  • Karma - Rate messages and users
  • Bookmarks - save your favourite threads and share with other users
  • Easy migration from phpBB
  • Friendly URLs (no more long and hard-to-remember links!)
  • Listing of currently online users
  • Listing of the Most Recent topics from the whole forum
  • Fast and scalable, perfect for busy sites - unlike most message board systems, JForum caches frequently accessed data to avoid excessive querying of the database

Posting Messages
  • File Attachments, with fully customizable options
  • HTML and BBCode support
  • Automatic parsing of links in messages
  • Integrated private message system
  • Email notifications for topics on private messages
  • Unlimited emoticons, easily administered via a configuration panel
  • RSS syndication
  • Sticky topics and announcements
  • Post preview

  • Easy to moderate
  • Moderated Categories and Forums - Administrators may allow new messages be posted only after the approval of some moderator or administrator
  • Topics can be locked/unlocked and moved between forums
  • Topics can be moved between forums

Permissions & Security
  • Read-only forums - Forums where is not possible to post new messages, just reading
  • Reply-only forums - Forums where only reply to existing posts are allowed
  • Robust security system
  • Forum moderators can be granted varying levels of control
  • Advanced HTML filter, for increased security

Customization & Extensiblity
  • Easy and fast development for any other data source
  • Familiar and attractive layout
  • Highly customized permission control, allowing fine control over access to any forum and category, by group and by user
  • Easy to support new bbtags via a XML configuration file
  • Uses the simple and powerful Freemarker templating system which allows unlimited control over layout and theming
  • Supports individual themes/templates for users
  • Support for different languages; easy to add new languages

  • Member Listing
  • User defined avatars
  • User banning
  • Unlimited users, groups, and groups per user
  • User profile
  • User ranks
  • Language preferences may be set on a per user basis
  • Remembers last read messages and tracks new posts

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